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Our New Website Is Live!

Updated: May 14, 2019

Hi Everyone, Luke here.

I'm very excited to get back to Vestmannaeyjar for the 2019 field season, see old friends and find more Orca (and maybe even a Beluga or two). But right now, I'm even more excited to show you the new IOP website!! 🎉🐳🎉

As you can see from the super slick new website, things have been updated around here. So, click away, investigate the new pages and maybe find out something new. You can find out about our current research aims and past work, or find out about threats affecting Icelandic orca on our conservation page. You can still read our previous posts on our old blog (here) but from now on we will be using this page to post all our blog updates.

Oh, and let us know if you spot any spelling errors or buttons that don't work!


Field Crew and Website Designer

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