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We wish you Happy holidays and a fantastic 2022!

We are celebrating the holidays and the start of 2022 with one of our favourite moments of 2021.

Photo by Filipa Samarra

In this picture, 4 whales are spyhopping simultaneously! We had never seen something quite like it before! This was just the most magical day...It was late July, the sea was as calm as it gets and we were so happy to find whales everywhere. The whales were so relaxed and playful, they spyhopped numerous times and one of those times we were so lucky to capture it on camera. There were multiple groups around, nobody was in a rush and there were few feeding frenzies. Most whales were simply enjoying time together, socialising, approaching us often and some were slow travelling in what seemed to be just the most relaxed time of the summer. We are so lucky to be able to witness these moments of the whales' lives and we love sharing them with you.

To celebrate the orcas of Iceland we want to offer all our followers an IOP calendar framing this most magical moment. You can download the calendar as a pdf here, or you can buy a print in our online shop (here).

Calendar IOP 2022
Download PDF • 2.75MB

We wish you all the happiest of times for the holidays and a very Happy New Year full of orca moments. We would like to send a special thank you to all our supporters for the donations and purchases over this year that are so crucial to help our research! We can't wait to update you all with more news of Icelandic orcas in 2022.

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